Midnice Crisis


Off By Fun


Memeory Floam Mattress

Sweet Melodies of Kali Yuga

Mostly Nice

That Really Gives the Songs

remember to be nice


A Funpost in Three Acts

with a lel help from my frens

live the fantasy lies or die to the meme magic society has set up to sustain itself

Your Fortune: Bad Luck

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The Double Digit Albume!!~ Disc 1 The Latest Memes Injected Directly

The Double Digit Albume!! - Disc 2 IDM (Intelligent Dubs Music)


When there is no more room online, the memes will walk the earth

Deleted by Nintendo

Le Valentines EP

The Christmas EP - Disc 1

The Christmas EP - Disc 2

[untitled tbh]

New MayMay Alert!

le ebin lel lels

The Spooky EP

Songs to pork it to - Disc 1

Songs to pork it to - Disc 2

The Return of our S4viorS

Topkek - Disc 1

Toplel - Disc 2

For Dubs or Money